Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Obama is scheduled to "deliver remarks on the attempted terror AGAIN!

So once again Zippo Obama is scheduled to "deliver remarks on the attempted terror attack on Christmas Day at 3 p.m. ET," the White House just announced. When the day began, his appearance had been scheduled for 1 p.m. ET. As we reported earlier, the president's top national security adviser has already warned that the public will feel "a certain shock" by what the preliminary investigation into missed clues has turned up.
Another opportunity to saunter up to the tele/prompter and read a prepared response.. Thirteen days late -- but -- at least he got some golf and movie time for himself and his family.....

What a guy!!

This piece of work doesn't give a rat's patootie about the "threat to America". He cares about his falling poll numbers and how to turn that around. As far as Rush's air time -- I'm sure Rush will have his say when he's ready....
Well, duh...

A day late and several trillion dollars short

For the leftie kool/aid drinkers -- you must be so proud.

Can't wait until Rush speaks about this.


  1. Wait... What does R. Limbaugh know about terrorism? Was there an attack on the EIB studios which caused El Fatback to drop his cigar from his nicotine stained fingers?

    Actually, what does Limbaugh know about anything? Where does his expertise come from?

    Oh and nice job aiding the Terrorists by attacking a President during a time of war. Or does that only count when the President has the right letter by his name?

  2. The Democrats aided the terrorist for 8 years
    as well as the NY Times. Obama doesn't need any help aiding the terrorists. He does a good job of it himself.
    As a matter of fact he would still be playing golf if Cheney hadn't "forced" him into getting tougher.
    You can thank Cheney for lighting the fire Obama needed to get his arse in gear. I think Obama picked the wrong VP.

  3. I can thank Cheney for the deaths of thousands of US Marines, Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Contractors in a War for National Interests...

    And why is Cheney a scion of knowledge he's hardly ever held a job outside of government in fact the shiftless slug sucked off American Taxpayers for 40 years as a useless government worker.

  4. Well you may as well thank Clinton too.