Friday, November 27, 2009

Liberals Pissed at ' Obama for Sending More Troops to Afghanistan

Zippy is days away from announcing a new Afghan strategy, but his immediate battle could come from liberals who are vowing to ''spank'' the president for committing tens of thousands of more troops to the eight-year conflict. In a prime-time speech Tuesday from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Obama is expected to announce that he is sending up to 35,000 additional troops to Afghanistan beginning next year.
The leftoids can criticize 0bama all they want now but when it comes to his re-election or that of others on the extreme left they will be there because 0bama is their Marxist and that's all they've got. After dumping Hillary what other choice do they have? Their criticism is thus hollow in the end though in the short term it could mean fewer donations to certain members of Congress.
Hmmmmmmm. Looks like Zippy might be 'danged if he does' and 'danged if he doesn't. IOW, he's caught between a rock and a hard place. If he sends troops, he's in trouble. If he doesn't send troops, he's in trouble. Wiggle your way out of this one, Zip-a-rooney

Obama orders review of party crashers.

President Obama has ordered a full review into how a Virginia couple managed to make their way into the White House for last week's state dinner without an invitation, even getting so far as to meet the president in the official receiving line, according to a White House official.

When the Obamas and their social office staff began calling the White House "the People's House," and pledged to open the doors more frequently to the public, they clearly had no idea just how open the place could be.

Now get this BS.. Obama told the news-reporters that a decrease in the White House budget cause him to lessen the amount of security at the party.

All that when Michele ma Belle has 8 Ladies in Waiting servents. The usual amount for a First Lady is ONE!

Well It Happened Again!

Black Friday brawls break out at two Wal-Mart stores
There are good deals to be had, but there's also a downside to Black Friday, given the lines and the search for parking spaces as well as the short tempers and sharp elbows that don't quite live up to the usual holiday spirit. There were two incidents today at Wal-Mart stores. The store management called police at 2:44 a.m., asking for assistance.

The store had remained open all night as a security precaution after a Wal-Mart worker on Long Island, N.Y., was trampled to death last year on Black Friday when a surging, impatient crowd rushed the doors after the store opened.

A little over an hour later, authorities were called to a Wal-Mart in Rancho Cucamonga when a fight broke out in the electronics section.

Looks Like The Thrill Has Found Its Way To Larry King’s Leg

Well, the thrill may be gone from be running up Chris Matthews’ leg, but over at CNN, his less partisan counterpart, seems to have gotten whatever thrill the MSNBC host lost. Just got back from doing cardio at the gym and was treated to three-quarters of an hour of breathless coverage of President Obama’s first state dinner honoring India’s Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh.
After Larry was discribing Michelle Obama’s dress, it looks Like the thrill has found its way to Larry King’s leg.
First Ladies always have a signature style of their own…. The classy ones bring it with them to 16OO, the cows if they’re lucky, have it fall in their lap while living in the White Castle …. Hillary wears pant suits now cause as 1st lady she got called out on her prosciutto ankles, and if she’d won the election you can bet your ass the gal would have worn a tuxedo to her Inaugural Balls…. Nancy Reagan didn’t get the idea to wear red after she saw the look on the the faces of all the cryin liberals when her hubby kicked Carter’s ass…. not to mention the grande dame already had a closet full of haute couture before she ever left California. I know I can’t mention the Mister without bringing up his Misses, but what can I say about Rosalyn other than she’s the wife of a peanut farmer and dressed like one … For God’s sake they ate PB&J sandwiches on a regular basis…and bragged about it too…… Now we have Michelle my Belle, she has found her style alright…. and she wears the same style of gown all the time…. Its the only fit that will camouflage those child baring hips and high rider of hers…. Trust me, the next tent she’s in will be a dark colored gown, cause it’ll be the dead of winter and cold as hell. I gotta laugh when I hear people slobbering over Mrs Obama…. especially when they call her a beauty and compare her style and grace to that of Jackie O. …Why can’t they leave the dead to rest in peace….Jackie O must be turning in her grave…..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to wish my readers and their families & friends the most blessed and happy Thanksgiving today. We are so fortunate to live in the freest and most prosperous nation in the history of mankind.
Please God, keep it that way for us.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Where are we going, and where have we been!

We faught the communist in the Korean War, in the Vietnam War and spent tons of resources fighting Russian Communist in the Cold War. Some of my family faught the Communist in both Korea and Vietnam.

Now comes our leader Obama. He appointed Anthony (Van) Jones- a admitted Communist, as his Green Jobs Czar. Now we learn that Obama's appointee to the post of Communication Director has states that one of her favorite Political philosophers was Chairman Mao Tse-tung the former communist butcher from China who was responsible for the deaths 50 to 70 Million people. He is probably responsible for more Deaths than anyone that has ever occupied our planet and Obamas Communication Director list him as one of her two favorite political philosophers.

We held off the Communist in Korea, we held off the communist in Vietnam for a long time, Ronald Reagan finally Defeated Communist USSR in the Cold War. Now under Obama the communist seem end up fully controlling our federal Government without firing a single shot.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Obama's Nobel: But Has He Done Anything Yet?

I think that he got this award for trying to destroying America! Triple the debt, taxes for everyone, spend, spend, and spend! This award makes a joke of the whole Nobel Prize process! But I’m sure that is village in Kenya is really happy for him!
As yet there is nothing to the credit of Mr. Obama even to think of considering him for a neobel prize. He is part of the conspiracy to kill innocent citizens in Iraq. Afghanistan and Pakistan has not taken a single step to make this world peaceful and free from atrocities. who created Talibans? Uncourse USA. Why ? tok pull back russia form Afghanistan and trained these people with everything USA does and called them Mujahids (freedom fighters) now the same bunch is Taliban, as USA totally abandoned Afghanistan and Pakistan once the objective was achieved what a a short sighted foreign policy. Now they want to get physically rid of so clalled Taliban, a dream which will never realize. drone attacks can only strengthen their will to fight for decades and uSA will collapse sooner than Taliban can. It is very strange I have not found a single person who speaks sense in USA they think their super power image is permanent. Nothing is permanence in this world. time is coming soon USA will go to chine with begging bowl and ask for mercy from all.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Obama's Afghan plan

The United States won't finish the job in Afghanistan because the job that it should finish and the job in President Obama's mind are two different things.

The job of the United States and NATO in Afghanistan is to defeat the Taliban and Al-Qaeda and remove their ability to sow terror in the U.S. and other western nations. The job in Obama's mind is to get the United States out of the country as soon as he possibly can with the least amount of political damage to himself.

President Obama is a politician in the worst sense of the word and doesn't have the mindset to bring the war in Afghanistan to a successful conclusion. That would require him to be resolute and strong with a clear understanding of why the U.S. and NATO are there in the first place. It would require him to make a long term military commitment on the part of the United States regardless of what other NATO nations do, and regardless of the political consequences at home. He would have to place his anti war mentality aside, exercise real leadership and vision and be a true war time President. There is nothing in his record that he will ever be willing or able to do any of this and that is why the Taliban and Al-Qaeda won't be defeated in Afghanistan or anywhere else as long as he is in office.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Liberal losers, goths, bedwetters, and morons.

There was recently a bit of a feud regarding the name calling of Liberals and Conservatives.
Lately I've been hearing a lot of stupid people parroting stupid words. There are too many to list all of them here, And I'll be damned if I'm going to try.
It Takes A Village To Raise Idiot. The Liberals/Progressives must be very proud of their boy.
Thank you.

Has Obama done anything on the world stage but beat up America?

Sure he did, he won the Nobel Prize... Oh, wait, Obama didn't win it, he bought it. Or Oprah bought it for him. Or was it Soros? GE? Doesn't matter, he didn't do squat. He hasn't done sqat. The sooner we get this ass out of the white house, the better. Name one thing obama has done. Just one. Has he healed our economy? No, he made it worse. Has he created jobs? No, just in the white house. Has he brought the spending down? No, he has us in deeper debt. Has he stopped any war? No, he is too busy demeaning our country. He doesn't deserve ANY award. He does deserve impeachment. And, hopefully, soon.