Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dumbing down of America

I have watched men land on the moon and also watched as brave souls die attempting to reach space. I have witnessed political scandals and political victories. I have watched the end of a Cold War and the demise of Communism as a force in the world. I have experienced bad American leaders and great American leaders. I watched a much needed civil rights movement and also watched the race card played in an attempt to keep racial tension for political gain. I have watched Americans die at the hands of evil in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. And have also watched that evil defeated in defense of America.

I have experienced America in both good and hard times. All of these experiences have become an indelible part of my life. As with anyone who reaches another age milestone a certain amount of reflection comes with the next year of life and I have been reflecting on both personal matters and matters that pertain to this country I love.

We are in the midst of the most radical attempt to transform American life that has ever taken place in our history. Barack Obama is moving this country in a direction that I would never have imagined possible in the earlier years of my life. I was born during the ,"Leave It To Beaver," innocence of the 50's and raised during the turmoil of the 60's. As a child, like many of you I attended public schools and learned about our history.

I learned about the moments that made us a country but it took my own zeal for history to fully understand why our Founders risked everything for freedom. In school I learned the generics of American heritage but on my own I experienced the passion of being an American. Since those days when I attended school even the generics of learning about out heritage have faded to the point that today's children no little about who we are as Americans and why we became a Nation.

In reflection this continual dumbing down of America is the essence of why we find ourselves heading down the path that Obama is attempting to take us. He is not the beginning of the Socialism slide in America but is trying to hasten its completion. This slide toward a socialized America has been taking place for decades. It has not just appeared since January. In fact the very reality that someone like Barack Obama could be elected at all is found in placing the real blame for this slide in the hands of its true cause and also its benefactors, the American people.

In our disgust at what has happened in recent months since bailout mania began last Fall and stimulus fall out has continued under Obama, we have tried to place the blame in many directions. We blame Democrats and Republicans. We blame Bush, Obama, Pelosi and Reid. We blame Congress and the Courts. And in every attempt to place blame their is a compelling case and justification to place that blame on any of the above mentioned perpetrators for our slide to Socialism.

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