Monday, November 9, 2009

Obama's Nobel: But Has He Done Anything Yet?

I think that he got this award for trying to destroying America! Triple the debt, taxes for everyone, spend, spend, and spend! This award makes a joke of the whole Nobel Prize process! But I’m sure that is village in Kenya is really happy for him!
As yet there is nothing to the credit of Mr. Obama even to think of considering him for a neobel prize. He is part of the conspiracy to kill innocent citizens in Iraq. Afghanistan and Pakistan has not taken a single step to make this world peaceful and free from atrocities. who created Talibans? Uncourse USA. Why ? tok pull back russia form Afghanistan and trained these people with everything USA does and called them Mujahids (freedom fighters) now the same bunch is Taliban, as USA totally abandoned Afghanistan and Pakistan once the objective was achieved what a a short sighted foreign policy. Now they want to get physically rid of so clalled Taliban, a dream which will never realize. drone attacks can only strengthen their will to fight for decades and uSA will collapse sooner than Taliban can. It is very strange I have not found a single person who speaks sense in USA they think their super power image is permanent. Nothing is permanence in this world. time is coming soon USA will go to chine with begging bowl and ask for mercy from all.

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