Friday, November 27, 2009

Looks Like The Thrill Has Found Its Way To Larry King’s Leg

Well, the thrill may be gone from be running up Chris Matthews’ leg, but over at CNN, his less partisan counterpart, seems to have gotten whatever thrill the MSNBC host lost. Just got back from doing cardio at the gym and was treated to three-quarters of an hour of breathless coverage of President Obama’s first state dinner honoring India’s Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh.
After Larry was discribing Michelle Obama’s dress, it looks Like the thrill has found its way to Larry King’s leg.
First Ladies always have a signature style of their own…. The classy ones bring it with them to 16OO, the cows if they’re lucky, have it fall in their lap while living in the White Castle …. Hillary wears pant suits now cause as 1st lady she got called out on her prosciutto ankles, and if she’d won the election you can bet your ass the gal would have worn a tuxedo to her Inaugural Balls…. Nancy Reagan didn’t get the idea to wear red after she saw the look on the the faces of all the cryin liberals when her hubby kicked Carter’s ass…. not to mention the grande dame already had a closet full of haute couture before she ever left California. I know I can’t mention the Mister without bringing up his Misses, but what can I say about Rosalyn other than she’s the wife of a peanut farmer and dressed like one … For God’s sake they ate PB&J sandwiches on a regular basis…and bragged about it too…… Now we have Michelle my Belle, she has found her style alright…. and she wears the same style of gown all the time…. Its the only fit that will camouflage those child baring hips and high rider of hers…. Trust me, the next tent she’s in will be a dark colored gown, cause it’ll be the dead of winter and cold as hell. I gotta laugh when I hear people slobbering over Mrs Obama…. especially when they call her a beauty and compare her style and grace to that of Jackie O. …Why can’t they leave the dead to rest in peace….Jackie O must be turning in her grave…..

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